Fuddle The Monster Who Couldn't Decide Book and Plush Set


From pancakes to hats to flying a kite, confused little Fuddle can't decide what's "just right," she’s so confused about making decisions. Until one day... when she finally learns making a choice is not so scary. 

Making decisions can be overwhelming for many children, and this is where Fuddle steps in; to encourage them to make a choice and to have less fear of making a "wrong" choice. 

Emotion Focus: Self-confidence/ Assertion, Bullying

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Enjoy this exclusive video from Dr John & Erina Heights Public School showing you the benefits of using Fuddle to assist with social and emotional learning. "When we got down to the bottom of it, we realised that it was a confidence thing. So you need to have confidence to make the tough decisions. I did the Garden of Greatness from the WorryWoos book and the kids made their own flowers, then they made little slogans for each other, just to remind them to be confident to make those decisions..."

Chloe, Teacher Erina Heights Public School

The Monster Who Couldn't Decide Hardcover Book Features:

  • Hardcover
  • 92 pages
  • Measures 23cm x 18cm
  • Hand illustrated with pen, ink and watercolour
  • Ages 3 years+

Fuddle Plush Features:

  • Fun fuzzy hair
  • Super soft fabrics
  • Measures : 30cm high
  • Ages 3 years +