WorryWoo Educators Portal

Emotional intelligence is as important as a child’s academic ability. Being able to recognise and embrace emotions is an essential part of a child’s emotional development.

As teachers, educators and counsellors we all know that social and emotional intelligence is second to none in terms of health and happiness; as they say EQ>IQ in life!

This is a challenging time for helping children develop their social and emotional intelligence. We live in an age when there has never been a greater awareness of how emotional intelligence supports every aspect of a child’s development. At the same time, we are living in a rapidly changing world which is placing pressures upon children to react to new situations. How they deal with these experiences often depends on how they handle their emotions.

The Educator's Portal is part of our WorryWoo DEI Program and is included with the purchase of our WorryWoo DEI Curriculum.




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