We want to see every child empowered, every child loved, and lives transformed! This is not just our vision; this is the heartbeat of our company.

More and more children are suffering high levels of anxiety and a range of emotions that are impacting them across all area of their life. Now, more than ever, our children need strong social and emotional support that will help them develop a healthy relationship with their emotions, themselves and each other.

As parents and carers, we can’t always be there to support our children in times of need, but we can put tools and support strategies in place to equip and empower them. Whenever you can’t be with your child, the words that you have spoken to them will be – this is something we should all remember! Often we think there’s not much we can do, but our words hold so much weight!

Positive words equip our children to think positively and to thrive. This is why repetitive positive comments and statements that empower and uplift our children are so important, and this is exactly why we have developed our first series, the Wonderful Me Hug Book Set. 

The heart of Wonderful Me is to support each child to have a strong inner-voice that will tell them, without hesitation “You ARE worth it... You ARE Wonderful!”