WorryWoo Research

A pilot study: The impact of the WorryWoos Developing Emotional Intelligence Program on children’s social and emotional literacy and regulation: the WorryWoos educational setting pilot program 2018: diocese of broken bay

–Dr. John Irvine (B.A.; Ph.D.; MAPS; MACE) and Jaye Bloffwitch 

Findings of the Study

  • There was a significant improvement in pro-social behaviours

  • There were significantly less difficulties reported on the conduct problems scale, hyperactivity problems scale, peer problems scale, emotional problems scale, internalising difficulties, externalising difficulties and total problems

  • There was a significant improvement in overall ability to understand and manage emotional difficulties

  • There was a significant improvement in interpersonal skills, emotional awareness, empathy, and resilience

  • This program was then available to all Central Coast NSW schools (including Independent, Catholic, and public schools. After three months, those centres provided feedback.

    Central Coast NSW Feedback

    • 87% said the children are enjoying the WorryWoos program and the delivery of the program very much.

    • 80% believed that in only 3 months using the program it had been very beneficial to children’s emotional wellbeing.

    • 73% said the DEI Program guidelines were very helpful

    • 93% said they would highly recommend the DEI Program to other teachers

    Age range: preschool to pre-teen
    Target market:  Early Years, Primary Schools, Parents & Professionals (Psychologist, Counsellors, Occupational Therapists & NDIS Support Professionals)
    You can view the full study here