Where Do I Start?


Looking to feel emotionally connected and closer to your child but not sure where to start? We have put the below guide together for you to get you started on the journey of learning how to deal with emotions with your child. 

As adults, many of us are still learning that are are entitled to our own emotional experiences, that is to notice and express our feelings. As parents and carers, our goal should be to provide an environment where our children feel secure enough to express their true feelings, thoughts and needs without fear. We acknowledge, that as adults take this journey with their child of learning how to deal with emotions, they are actually developing a greater sense of awareness themselves - creating a very powerful experience of learning together. 

STEP 1 New to Social & Emotional Learning?


If your child is at preschool age or younger OR you are just starting the journey of emotional learning with your child, then we recommend starting with the Wonderful Me Collection.

This range is a great foundational range to help your child develop a positive sense of self. Once you have gone through this foundational stage of learning with your child you can move onto the WorryWoos range, introducing one emotion at a time. Each of the WorryWoos are available individually, or in the Home Set - which has been specifically created for use in the home environment. 


STEP 2 Emotional & Social Support:

This is a key area to consider. If your child has one major emotion/area that they are struggling with then we recommend looking at the emotions/themes below. We encourage our customers to start the emotional education journey after step one above, There is great benefit in starting education and awareness around "self" before moving onto education around emotions. While the two go hand-in-hand, we really want to encourage children to have an awareness and love for who they are before we start to fully explore the world of emotions. 


Worry & Anxiety 
We recommend starting with the Wince The Monster of Worry Book and Plush Set. The WorryWoos Worry Combo includes a parent handbook which refers to the Wince plush, WorryBug and the Don't Feed the WorryBug story book. This is a brilliant resource to start on if you have a child who is worrying more than they should be! 
Frustration & Anger

Frustration & Anger are two very big & challenging emotions that many children are struggling with (and adults too). Twitch the Monster of Frustration is a great story that highlights the impacts that these emotions can have on us, and tools that children can put in place to handle these emotions. 

The Frustration & Anger Combo has been specifically created to support parents & carers as they walk this journey with their child. 

Envy & Jealousy
Zelly the Monster of Envy
Loneliness & Grief
Nola the Monster of Loneliness
Social Confidence 
Squeek the Monster of Innocence
Body Image
Rue the Monster of Insecurity 
Confidence & Assertiveness
Fuddle the Monster of Confusion 


If you are a parent or carer who is in this for the long-haul - we highly recommend starting with the WorryWoos Home Set, which includes all WorryWoo books, the corresponding plush toys and 2 x Dr John Parent Handbooks. This set been bundled together for greater value and ease of purchase - we encourage our customers to keep the Woos and books out in the open for their children to see, in order for the children to get maximum benefit from these powerful resources, it is important that they are able to access them at anytime.