Wonderful Me Hardcover Children's Book Set with BIG Hug


If you have ever struggled in the areas of self worth and confidence, then you know first hand how important it is to do all we can to instil these qualities in our children as young as possible, and to continue to support these qualities developing and growing.

The five books in the Wonderful Me Book Set are written with a strong message of promoting self love and resilience. The words speak directly to the children listening to the story to tell them "YOU are wonderful!" Each book includes images drawn by children just like the ones who are listening to the story - to further promote the message that each child is valuable, capable and has something unique to offer.

The Wonderful Me Book Set with BIG Hug includes:

The Hug Hardcover Book

The Hug is a loveable little friend who takes your child on a journey of self worth as he encourages them by letting them know they are "Brave, Special and Amazing!" The Hug beautifully harnesses the power of words to help your child further develop their sense of worth and resilience - qualities that have never been more desired for our children! As your child listens to these words being read to them over and over again they will become part of their constant thought patten, and ultimately, part of their belief system.

Be Someone Hardcover Book

Be Someone encourages your child to choose what kind of someone they want to be. Do they want to be someone who makes others feel sad, or someone who likes to make others feel glad? The sooner our children realise the potential they have to make a difference in the world around them, the better. Yes our children may be young, but what a perfect time for them to grasp the concept of the power of their choices.

You Were Once the Size of a Plum Hardcover Book

Did you know that you were once as small as a crumb, and then the same size as a plum? You were teeny, teeny tiny, but clever you - you grew, and grew and grew until you were no longer the size of a plum! You were once the size of a plum compares the babies size though different stages of pregnancy to a range of fruits and vegetables. This book provides a great platform for parents and carers to discuss each child's own unique birth journey, and for children to gain a greater understanding of the process.

Have You Ever Hardcover Book

We all have bad days but that doesn't change who we are. Have you ever? encourages your child to worry less, smile more and to be as amazing as can be. Journey through the pages and learn that it's normal to have days where things don't go our way, but that doesn't mean that we can't overcome.

The Truth About You Hardcover Book

The Truth About You talks directly to your child telling them that they are special and that there is no-one else like them, that they might "grow up knowing and believing that they are truly one of a kind"

Big Hug


  • Crinkly ears for sensory exploration.
  • Stitched eyes.
  • Magnetic hands and feet that click together - a great fidget feature!
  • Soft fluffy cheeks - perfect for use as a calming tool.
  • A heart-warming smile that you can't help but smile back at.
  • Surface wash with warm, damp cloth. Air dry.
  • Measures approx. 30cm in diameter. 
  • Suitable for all ages.

Age Recommendation:

The Wonderful Me Collection of books have been created to read to children from approx. 2 years old. As the children progress and are able to read to themselves, they can continue to soak up the positive statements that this collection brings.

In the home and learning environments, the messages from these five books can be used as a springboard into important conversations with children from a young age. As the children move into the pre-teen years, the level of conversation and learning will continue to grow. 


  • Self Worth
  • Uniqueness
  • Love
  • Choices
  • Emotions
  • Worry
  • Behaviour
  • Time
  • Self Esteem
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Goals
  • Achievement

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Grandkids Love Them

The grandkids love these books and the size of the hug really excites them as he is really huggable and he has an unforgettable smile