The Truth About You Hardcover Children's Book



The Truth About You talks directly to your child telling them they are special and there is no-one else like them. This book encourages children to "grow up knowing and believing that they are truly one of a kind."

Help your child discover and build upon their sense of worth and resilience as they listen to these powerful words being read to them. Experience the transformative power of inspiring messages that can help your child reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Let The Truth About You be the gentle voice that guides them on their journey.



  • Hardcover
  • Measures 28 x 25cm
  • 22 pages
  • Ages approx. 2-10 years


  • Self Worth
  • Uniqueness
  • Self Love
  • Chasing Your Dreams

Age Recommendation:

The message in The Truth About You is suitable for children of all ages. The Truth About You is great to read to children from approx. 2 years old. As the children progress and are able to read to themselves, they can continue to soak up the positive statements that The Truth About You speaks directly speaks to them.

In the home and learning environments, the message that this book brings can be used as a springboard into important conversations with children from a young age. As the children move into the pre-teen years, the level of conversation and learning will continue to grow. 


"I am special because __________.  This incredible book answers that question. 

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no child is the same as another, we are unique individuals. This beautiful book opens up a discussion with our children about their extraordinary uniqueness. “Do you know that you are so special? There is nobody else like you?” It encourages the child to see their talents, their interests and their special dreams.

This book is a spring board to talk about your child their uniqueness.  Use it to talk to your child about how they can sing, help others, dance, act, build Lego, swim, write or draw.  Build them up, help them to believe in themselves and their special abilities.

This wonderful book celebrates the child’s accomplishments through affirmative words. “For you are a treasure, precious one, and you grow more wonderful by the day.”

Gillian Speirs ~ Clinical Psychologist

A Note from the Author:

Did you know that our thoughts are a reflection of what we believe or know to be true? On average our brains produce up to 50,000 thoughts per day and what we say to ourselves is a direct echo of our beliefs. What a beautiful thing it would be for the next generation of children to grow up knowing who they are believing in themselves. And it can all start with the words you as their parent or carer say to them. As your child hears these powerful words they will start to form part of their belief system, and hopefully they will carry these words with them for the rest of their lives!


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Lindsey Dragosavljevic
Another Gem!

We love the simple and positive message in this book, such an important lesson in self-worth.