The Lonely Little Monster Hardcover Book


If you've ever felt lonely you know how isolating and heavy this emotion can be. Loneliness is something we all face at some stage in our lives on some level. Helping our children to understand what lonely looks and feels like, and to have empathy for others who might be feeling lonely has been made easier with this practical and relatable book. 

Nola has a problem...she doesn't have any friends. Join her in this imaginative tale which deals with the importance of seeing the world in a different way. Through the use of whimsical illustrations we follow Nola as she ponders her plight. The heartwarming ending puts a positive spin on a common situation and proves that things can change, especially if you open your eyes!

Emotion Focus: Loneliness, Rejection

Supporting Plush: Nola


  • Hardcover
  • Hand illustrated with pen, ink and watercolour
  • Printed with environmentally friendly Soy Inks 
  • Measures 23 x 18cm
  • 67 pages
  • Ages 3 years+

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