Nola The Monster of Loneliness Plush


If you've ever felt lonely you know how isolating and heavy this emotion can be. Loneliness is something we all face at some stage in our lives on some level. Helping our children to understand and put words around this emotion need not be so daunting - and thankfully, has been made easier with the help of our friend Nola. 

Nola, the cuddly green Monster of Loneliness lives in a world of sunny skies and beautiful landscapes but she’s missing one thing… a friend. Her wide-eyed stare and squishy tummy make her an ideal candidate for hugs and kisses. She would love to be your best friend!

Emotion Focus: Loneliness, Rejection

Supporting Book: The Lonely Little Monster (available separately) 


  • WorryWoo belly button
  • Super soft fabrics
  • Measures 30cm high
  • Ages 3 years +