Wonderful Me "Let's Talk About Emotions" Pack

  • Is your child struggling to express how they feel?
  • Has your child been through some big changes?
  • Do you experience your child getting easily frustrated?

Children might be little, but their emotions can be very big! Equipping our children is the best thing that we can do to help them.

Conversation is key, and if there is one thing that we have witnessed, our children need us to be talking to them about emotions! In order for them to be able to communicate what they are feeling - they need language and education around what emotions are, what they are called and what they can look and feel like. 

This set is based around promoting emotional awareness and comfort.

Wonderful Me "Let's Talk About Emotions" Pack Includes:

  • The Hug Keyring 
  • Have You Ever? Hardcover Book
  • Hug Emotion Magnets
  • The Hug Emotions Mat (PDF) 
  • FREE Emotion Magnets Lesson Guide

The book Have You Ever? is a great introduction to emotions, helping children to understand that emotions are real, we all have them and they are totally ok to feel! This is not just a book that should be read and put away - we really encourage you to let conversations flow, ask your children questions and share with them your experiences around emotions as well.

The Emotion Magnets are brilliant to use as a follow on activity after reading Have You Ever? One activity that children love and works well, is to hide the magnets in a tray of sand / coloured rice / beads - and then have the children dig for the magnets using a pair of tongs. As they find each magnet, they can match it up on the Emotions Mat (PDF version included for FREE with this set).

As they match a magnet on the mat, talk to them about what that emotion is, what it means and if they have ever felt that way before. It's also really helpful to talk about times you have felt this way, and what you have done about it (if it was an emotion that wasn't a nice one to have).

The Hug Keyring is the perfect little accessory to add to your child's school bag. Not only is he cute, but he can be a constant reminder to your child that they are brave, special and amazing. We have lots of grown ups who "keep" their hugs in The Hug Toy - and then, whenever their child is without them and needs a hug from their grown up, they can grab one as they need it. This is a great way to encourage and promote self-comfort.