"The Hug shares the message that our love and belief in our children stay with them through the day and that comfort can come from within." ~ Dr Kaylene Henderson - Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Parent Educator


“A very powerful message written in a way that kids understand. I bought this book as a gift to my daughters preschool so that more children can hear the message that they are special in every way. I definitely recommend this book.” ~ Ella - Mum


“The first five years of learning and development is so important for children, and helping children to develop a strong sense of wellbeing is a vital part of this learning and future journey in life. This beautiful book encourages and promotes children's sense of worth, builds confidence and self- esteem. We want children to develop positive self-identities, feel comfortable in their environments, be inspired, and be successful. Through our words and affirmations we can build children up, just like in "The Hug", in the hope that they can feel safe, secure and become aware of just how unique and important they are.” ~ Sabrina - Early Childhood Teacher.


“This is not only a truly adorable book but it has been a great teaching resource, helping to build strength and confidence into the students I teach. The students had so much fun making their very own Hugs and love to hear the story over and over. And now with our very own Hug classroom mascot the student are constantly being reminded of their worth. Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring book.” ~ Rebecca – Primary School Teacher