The Team

As a Mum I see first hand the power our words have over our children, and how these words very quickly form part of a child’s belief system. With something as simple as words, we have the power to help our children grow in resilience and confidence and build a positive self-image that is unshakeable. 

Our children need to hear how wonderful they are as much as possible…This is why I write! 

Kirilee Furlong, Author

When you walk out of our house, you leave with glitter on you. Literally. It infiltrates every crevice of my home, cast off from my girls many dressups, artworks, hair spray and face paint. It is, quite frankly, unavoidable (and normally on your face!). 

Art and sparkle is in our everyday existence. But, as a mum, I hope that I am teaching my girls to leave glitter on everyone metaphorically more than literally. That they share acceptance, worthiness and grace in all they do and all they touch.

Mel Craig, Illustrator