"The entire collection of WorryWoo books are awesome. Each book covers topics that children may possibly have encountered or experienced. The book enages children in a respectful manner while offering sound wisdom about how to navigate feelings and thoughts."
Amazon Review

"This is our 2nd year with the worry woos and our 3rd grade teachers and students love them!!!"
Eileen, 3rd Grade Teacher

"The stories have helped young children to start identifying complex emotions. As a result students are more able to verbally communicate their feelings rather than acting out in irrational or unsafe behaviour. This has helped to lessen incidents and improve peer relationships."
NJ, Kindergarten Teacher

"We Don't Feed The Worry Bugs Anymore! Love this book! This is one of the sweetest books I've ever read. I have used it with my counseling children who are worried and anxious so many times. I also have the stuffed monster that the children hold while I read. It has lead us to conversations about handling worry and anxiety and lead us to understanding that we will be okay and that we can handle it!"
Barbara M, Counselor

"I can truly say that every child who has been in contact with the Woos gains something positive from their experience. It often leads to pleas to bring home their own Woos, and these then accompany them to each session to meet my own “Worry Woo Crew”. I marvel at them every day, because they not only normalise feelings for children, but they also help teach them that the worries are a part of them and that they are “OK”. Brilliance!"
Cherie S, Trauma Specialist

"This has been the best money I have spent in my classroom this year for sure!"
Elizabeth, 2nd Grade Teacher