Be Someone Hardcover Book


Be Someone encourages your child to choose what kind of someone they want to be. Do they want to be someone who makes others feel sad, or someone who likes to make others feel glad?

Be Someone introduces the fact that we all have choices to make each and every day and that the choices we make will have a consequence. Some consequences may be good, while others not-so-good. If you are looking for ways to further help your child understand the impact of their choices then this book is a great support for just that! 

The sooner our children realise the potential they have to make a difference in the world around them, the better. Yes our children may be young, but what a perfect time for them to grasp the concept of the power of their choices.


  • Hardcover
  • 26 pages
  • Measures 28 x 25cm  
  • Ages approx. 2-10 years

A note from the author:

Imagine if you had grown up having someone encouraging you to be the best someone you could be... would you still be the same person you are today? Or would you have taken more chances, stood up to more bullies, spoken more kindly to yourself? While it’s nice to think about these things, we cannot change the past, but we can change the future, and the future is bright for your little one! The future for your little one is full of opportunities and in order for them to make the most of each and every one of these opportunities, they need you, their parent, their carer, their number-one go to person to help them grow into the best someone they can be. Be Someone encourages your child to realise that they have options, they get to choose what kind of someone they are; someone who celebrates the little things, lends a helping hand to others and appreciates every day for what it’s worth. And most of all, someone who understands their worth and knows, without one single doubt, that they are someone who counts!


Who will you be?  That’s up to you? You can choose!

This book is about being the very best you can be.  What a wonderful start in life this is. Kids can choose how they respond and this wonderful book highlights their choices. “You could be someone who likes to make others feel glad. Or you could be someone who makes others sad”

This book provides an excellent talking point for parents and carers struggling with a child’s behaviour. It’s a read out loud book that brings questions and time for discussing how things are going at home.  What choices is the child making?  How do those choices make both of you feel? 

Gillian Speirs ~ Clinical Psychologist.