You Were Once The Size of A Plum Hardcover Book

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Image of You Were Once The Size of A Plum Hardcover Book

Did you know that you were once as small as a crumb… and then the same size as a plum? You were teeny, teeny tiny, but clever you, you grew and grew and grew and grew until you were no longer the size of a plum.

When we stop and think about how tiny our little ones once were it’s impossible to ignore the fact that each and every new life is a miracle, starting out so small and rapidly growing into who they are today. It’s easy to forget all of these little stages, so let’s ensure that our children are aware of how much they have already achieved just by being who they are today.

Have fun reading "You Were Once the Size of a Plum" with your child as you explore what other fruits and vegetables they were once the same size as.
This book offers a great platform for further conversation with your child about their unique birth story as you discuss what fruit or vegetable size they were when they were born.