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Delve deeper into the emotion of worry with this WorryWoos Combo.
Join loveable Wince in the Don't Feed The WorryBug book as he discovers the secret to keeping his worries from becoming monstrous.

The WorryBug and Wince plush are the perfect partners to the story and are referenced throughout the Helping Young Worries Beat the WorryBug handbook, written by Australian Child Psychologist Dr John Irvine. 

The WorryWoo Worry Combo Includes:

Don't Feed The WorryBug Book

Wince Plush

The WorryBug Plush

Helping Young Worriers Beat the Worrybug Handbook - by Dr John Irvine

Emotion Focus: Anxiety, Depression

Price $119.50 + GST ($131.45 inclusive of GST)


Image of WorryWoos Worry Combo