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The WorryWoos Developing Emotional Intelligence Program (DEIP) is a powerful addition to any school or learning environment. The objective of the DEIP is to introduce social and emotional learning as an essential part of the language arts, visual arts & performing arts in conjunction with common core standards to create a cross-curriculum platform

The program goals will be accomplished by including lesson plans on emotions, relationships and social-emotional skills in order to:

Build Empathy
Create positive emotional understanding
Improve emotional intelligence
Develop a healthy social environment

The WorryWoo program is based on several pedagogical philosophies adapted from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence (Harvard:1983) and the five CASEL Competencies. Together they form the foundation of engaging curriculum which subtly encompassed a UDL approach. Lesson plans are presented in an inviting, age/stage appropriate manner relating themes in Literacy and the Arts with activities that reflect attention to developing critical thinking skills.

The Ultimate WorryWoo Emotional Intelligence Package Includes:

Training & Development Resources:

Developing Emotional Intelligence Curriculum Book
Helping Young Worriers Beat the Worrybug
Helping Young Children Handle Frustration and Anger
Set of Seven WorryWoo Posters (One poster per character)

Plush Toys:

Nola, the monster of loneliness plush
Rue, the monster of insecurity plush
Squeek, the monster of innocence plush
Fuddle, the monster of confusion plush
Wince, the monster of worry plush
Twitch, the monster of frustration plush
Zelly, the monster of envy plush
The Worry Bug

Plush toys measure from 18-33cm.

Hardcover Books:

Nola - The Lonely Little Monster
Rue - The Nose that Didn’t Fit
Squeek - The Monster in the Bubble
Fuddle - The Monster who Couldn't Decide
Wince - Don’t Feed the Worry Bug
Twitch - The Very Frustrated Monster
Zelly - The Monster Who Wanted It All

Each book measures 23 x 18 x 3cm.

Price $699.90 + GST ($769.89 including GST)

Evidence Based Social and Emotional Learning with the WorryWoos

After 10 weeks of using the WorryWoo DEIP the teachers found that students were better able to manage their emotions. Specifically, the results indicated a significant positive impact on the students regarding:

Recognition of basic and complex emotions
Attitude towards themselves and others
Ability to control their emotions
Understanding the feelings of others
Emotional awareness
Reduced feelings of "feeling like a failure"

Message to Teachers and Educators

The WorryWoo DEIP was written by teachers and educators for teachers and educators. The focus is on teaching children to understand, accept and respect everyones emotions. It is based on the WorryWoo book series which was created to help children realise that while we all have the same feelings, not everyone responds to a situation in the same way. By educating children about emotions at a formative age, we hope that they will be empowered to develop life skills which will help them navigate from pre-school through the teen years. Social and emotional learning is a valuable tool which acts as a bridge between knowledge, impulsive actions and self-awareness, an asset for adults as well as children.

The information in this curriculum provides a guideline which you can use to create effective lesson plans for your particular classroom. All suggestions can be tailored to the needs of the learning environment.

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Image of The Ultimate WorryWoo Emotional Intelligence Package Image of The Ultimate WorryWoo Emotional Intelligence Package