PREORDER! Helping Young Worriers Beat The WorryBug Handbook


Image of PREORDER! Helping Young Worriers Beat The WorryBug Handbook

A practical and fun-filled guide of therapeutic ideas and activities.

Handbook explores/ includes:
Anxiety checklist
What's Bugging My Child
Background Info on Anxiety
Thought Beating
Building Quality Attachments
The Insecure Child
Guilt Vs Shame
Parental Modelling
Tackling the WorryBug
Games & Activities to beat The WorryBug
Relaxation and Breathing
Anxiety Checklist Worksheet
Worry Ladder Worksheet

"We all have worries, but if we can give our kids the strategies and confidence to handle their anxieties, then that's probably one of the best legacies any parent can offer." Dr John Irvine, PhD

About the Author
Dr. John Irvine is one of Australia's most renowned child psychologists. As a pioneer in his field, he has been read, viewed or heard throughout the nation. At the age of 18, he started his own one-teacher school and continued in the field, teaching in the NSW schools for many years before becoming a child psychologist. He is currently a consultant at the R.E.A.D Clinic and has written several books including Thriving at School and A Handbook for Happy Families.
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Author: Dr John Irvine
Illustrator: Andi Green
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9780991495207
Measures: 22.5 cm x 17cm