Helping Young Children Handbook Set


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Two practical and fun-filled guides of therapeutic ideas and activities for parents and educators to help children manager frustration, anger and worry.

The Handbook Set Includes:

Helping Young Worriers Beat The WorryBug Handbook

A go-to guide for anyone who is interested in helping kids thrive emotionally. Written by renowned Australian Child-psychologist, Dr. John Irvine in a collaborative venture with Andi Green, the creator of the WorryWoo Monsters, this book acknowledges the growing problem of anxiety in kids –everywhere, which calls for immediate and timely attention.
Dr. John has tackled the issue by presenting sensible advice for parents, educators and other caretakers in his latest booklet. It includes background info on the origin of worry, an assessment guide to help determine the problem, as well as fun-filled activities to deal with the worries that kids encounter in today's society. Useful suggestions combined with a touch of the whimsical drawings of Wince, the main character from Don’t Feed the WorryBug, serve to keep the adults as well as children, engaged in meaningful dialogue.


Anxiety checklist
What's Bugging My Child
Background Info on Anxiety
Thought Beating
Building Quality Attachments
The Insecure Child
Guilt Vs Shame
Parental Modelling
Tackling the WorryBug
Games & Activities to beat The WorryBug
Relaxation and Breathing
Anxiety Checklist Worksheet
Worry Ladder Worksheet

Helping Young Children Manage Frustration Handbook

Determining whether your child is frustrated is not as simple as saying “If you’re frustrated and you know it clap your hands!”
Often the problem is covered up by temper tantrums, tears, acting out and sulking. So what is a parent to do? Wearing his psychological cape,"Superhero”, Child-Psychologist, Dr. John Irvine, has come to save the day!
With his book Helping Young Children Manage Frustration & Anger, the respected Australian icon has come to the aid of distraught parents and educators.
Dr. John has accomplished this by teaming up with WorryWoo creator, Andi Green, to create their second companion book to her WorryWoo Monster series.
This time Dr John concentrates on Twitch, The Monster of Frustration. He begins by explaining that frustration cannot be pigeon holed into a “one size fits all" classification. Instead Dr John explains how each child may display a different set of behaviors. To find out if your child is frustrated the author has devised a series of behavioral assessment questions. Once you have completed these and determined which type of "Twitch” you’re dealing with, you’re on your way to making use of the given exercises for his/her specific needs.
Subtitled A Practical Guide For Parents And Educators To Help Their Little Twitches, this book presents delightful drawings, fun exercises and competent information for parents and teachers. It also offers an opportunity to see your child in a different light, deal with minor issues before they become problems, and most important, creates a positive shared experience!


So Which is My Twitch
But Why is My Twitch So Angry?
Parents as Role Models and Behaviour Managers
How Do We Start To Change Things?
Top 10 Domestic Environment Triggers for Twitch's Behaviour
What Can We Do To Help Change Twitch's Behaviour?
Activities to Build Emotional Awareness and Self-Control
Activities and Strategies to Help Parents/Educators to Manager Anger and Aggression
Frustration Worksheet
Mind Muscle Victory Chart
Draw A Cranky Bug
Draw Your Twitch

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Image of Helping Young Children Handbook Set