Nola The Monster of Loneliness


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Nola: The Lonely Little Monster

The Lonely Little Monster by Andi Green is the premiere storybook from Green's new series The WorryWoo Monsters. Nola has a problem...she doesn't have any friends.
Join The Lonely Little Monster on an imaginative tale ¬which deals with the importance of seeing the world in a different way. Through the use of whimsical illustrations we follow the main character as she ponders her plight. The heartwarming ending puts a positive spin on a common situation and proves that things can change, especially if you open your eyes!

Emotion Focus: Loneliness, Rejection

The Lonely Little Monster Hardcover Book

For ages: 3 years + Number of pages: 67 Measures: 23cm x 18cm Hand illustrated with pen, ink and watercolour Hardcover

Nola The Monster of Loneliness

For ages: 3 years + Has a WorryWoo bellybutton Super soft fabrics Made with all new materials Meets ASTM and EN71 safety standards Needs lots of hugs Measures : 30cm high

Price $61.00 + GST ($67.10 including GST)

Enjoy this exclusive video from Dr John & Erina Heights Public School showing you the benefits of using Nola to assist with social and emotional learning.

"My students really enjoyed Nola. We noticed that a few students are a little bit lonely in the playground so having this in the classroom has been really great in setting our kids up with some skills of how to combat loneliness..."
Mitch, Teacher
Erina Heights Public School