Our Story

Wonderful Me was officially birthed in 2017 when we released our first book The Hug. The Hug was written after the author, Kirilee Furlong, saw a real need for children to be equipped to self-comfort and be reminded of their worth & uniqueness.

From there, Kirilee and Angela (the two women behind Wonderful Me) continued to work in their career roles until late 2020 when both ladies decided to change career direction and give 100% of their time and attention to Wonderful Me.

Wonderful Me is more than a passion project for Angela and Kirilee. They have seen first hand the desperate need for early intervention and support in the area of social and emotional literacy. So many children are struggling in the areas of emotional and social wellbeing, and with the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our children over the past two years, our children need more support than ever. 

We believe every single child deserves to be given the best opportunity to develop a healthy and strong EQ (Emotional Intelligence). As studies show, it is EQ not IQ that becomes the determining factor to our success in life as adults. 

We live in an age where there is so much focus on the diet that our children are consuming, but there is little focus on the child's "emotional diet." If early intervention is not provided to our children in the areas of emotional and mental wellbeing, our children are, quite simply, not being given the opportunities they deserve. 

Since 2020, Kirilee and Angela have had countless conversations, heard beautiful testimonies and seen first hand the positive impact that the Wonderful Me and WorryWoo range has had in children's lives across Australia. From pre-school to pre-teen, toddlers to grandparents, these resources have provided support, education and guidance when children needed it most.

Even with a pandemic coming against us, we know and believe, that Wonderful Me will continue to impact and change children's lives across our country.... and one day, these children will grow up and become our innovators and leaders. We smile knowing how much better equipped they will be because a teacher. parent or carer took the time to invest into their emotional, social and mental wellbeing. So thank you to you, because if you are reading this right now, there is a good chance that you have contributed to this and made a child's future much brighter... and this is quite simply, just so wonderful!