The Wonderful Me range has been created to help children build strong foundations, grow in confidence and resilience, and to radiate love and kindness for each other, and for themselves.

We want your child, in fact, every child, to be free to be who they really are, free to live to their full potential – free from fear, doubt, rejection and worry. Studies show that it is in the early years of life where a child’s foundations are laid and belief systems are formed. Spending quality time with our children is one of the greatest ways that we as parents and carers can help ensure that these foundations are as strong and positive as possible.

Wonderful Me is dedicated to creating a range of resources that support you in helping your children build these foundations - that they may be confident in who they are and what they are capable of, resources that will encourage them to have a strong inner-voice that will tell them  “You are worth it... You are Wonderful!”