The Hug

How good are hugs?! 

Very good is the answer!

Studies show that a good, proper hug of at least 20 seconds has the power to lower anxiety levels, decrease stress, boost immunity, release tension, increases happiness and build stronger feelings of trust…

In fact, although you can’t beat the real deal, even just thinking about a hug has the same benefits as listed above… and this is how “The Hug” came to be. 

As parents and carers, we cannot always be there to hug our children in times of need, but we can put tools and support strategies in place to empower them. Whenever you can’t be with your child, The Hug can be, ready to be squeezed tight and remind your child just how wonderful, brave and clever they are and help put their worries at ease.

The Hug + You = Best Friends!